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Leejaa has successfully built a business partnership with more than and 30 electric car companies at home and abroad
发布日期: 2015-2-12 13:46:07

Shandong Li home new energy vehicle industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, is located in China's logistics of Shandong Province Linyi City high tech Development Zone, the existing staff of more than 800 people, covers an area of 14 million square meters, annual sales of up to 20 million vehicles is a set of electric vehicle research and development, production, sales as one of the modern enterprise, high tech Zone government the focus of investment projects. To set up a home with leading domestic and international electric vehicle design team, with the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection green concept, and pay attention to appearance design of product appearance and fashion, to provide consumers with safe, comfortable, professional, environmental protection of the modernization of the electric car. Establish a perfect quality supervision system and the top production technology team, do everything possible to provide our customers with satisfactory products. In addition, Li Jia is also actively responsible for the maintenance of electric car after-sales service, responsible for all outgoing products for our customers to solve any problems in the use of the process and worries. Li Jia has successfully and more than and 30 electric car companies at home and abroad to establish a business relationship, the products are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United states.

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