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招聘岗位:     Salesman
学历要求:     专科
Job content: Responsible for the development and maintenance of the national channel customers; the company's marketing plan landing and implementation
Job requirements: Have a good market sensitivity and ability to develop the market, there are more than one year working experience in the electric car industry;
年龄要求:      20 至 35岁 人数:10

招聘岗位:     Statistician
性别: 不限
学历要求:     专科
Job content: Be responsible for the statistics and summary of the daily production data of the workshop;
Job requirements: Finance and related major; Proficiency in office software; Work hard, strong sense of responsibility
年龄要求:      20 至 35岁 人数:6

招聘岗位:     analyst
学历要求:     本科
Job content: The original records and laboratory data, report collection and collation work, to ensure that the sample is representative; Instrument maintenance and maintenance.
Job requirements: Male; Chemical industry and related major, experience in wastewater treatment is a plus.
年龄要求:      20 至 35岁 人数:2

招聘岗位:     Product designer
性别: 不限
学历要求:     本科
Job content: Responsible for product system design, processing and manufacturing drawing design; Responsible for the selection and management of all kinds of measuring instruments and automatic control system, electric instrument spare parts; Installation, commissioning and maintenance;
Job requirements: College degree or above, major in mechanical design; To master the use and operation of conventional software and a 3D modeling software, such as ProE, 3DMax, etc.; Strong sense of teamwork and strong ability to work
年龄要求:      20 至 35岁 人数:3

招聘岗位:     General Worker
性别: 不限
学历要求:     学历不限
Job content: According to the workshop supervisor requirements, timely completion of production tasks for the production operation according to the process requirements; Obey the leadership arrangement, complete the technical learning task;
Job requirements: 18 years of age, more than 1 years of working experience in a manufacturing company; Have electrician, welder, lathe, forklift experience is preferred; Hard-working, have a sense of responsibility.
年龄要求:      20 至 35岁 人数:20

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